Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Drone Video, Virtual Tours, Quality Photography and Virtual Staging

GooGoVu Real Estate marketing services includes Drone Video, Virtual Tours, Quality Photography and Virtual Staging. Click the image below to see our 30 second overview of our services.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

But that’s, MINE!

There are many business owners who know that Social Media and Website are powerful tools to help promote a business quickly. They invest a lot of time, money and resources to only lose control of their social media accounts and website access. 

In my profession I hear it many times, “My marketing guy changed my passwords and I can’t login. He wants me to pay him for access.” Or, “My old web guy registered my domain in his name and I can’t get it from him.”

And yet, there are many business owners who find themselves in that situation time and time again. Why? Not because they are careless, but because they do not know about the alternatives.

I have been building websites and providing social market marketing services for over 20 years to companies such as Disney, IBM, Warner Bros, Amgen, DOJ, USC and many other public and private sector corporations. I worked with them on their design and marketing needs, and taught them how to keep full control of their online assets.

As employees, interns, temp and contractors come and go, you as a business owner need to have full control of your social media accounts and your website access. We live in the day and age of hacking, phishing, malware, and viruses, so access control and security become extremely important part of any business. You wouldn’t give a stranger your social security number and bank account, so why do you give them carte blanche to your social media accounts and website?

Well if you have been in this situation, I have a solution for you that is very easy to implement and manage so anyone can do it. But most importantly you will have full access control no matter who you hire to help you with your marketing efforts. You need to give your new or old helper a role. A role is simply controlled access to allow an individual to perform their work, but not to manage the account.

 Most social media, hosting and websites have controlled access available under different labels, for instance GoDaddy calls it AcountExec, Joomla calls it Publisher, Google Plus calls is Manager and other have their own designations. I added several links to instructions to how setup a role on the popular hosting, social media and website frameworks.

Website Hosting

Social Media

Website Frameworks

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. Instructional workshops for Social Media Marketing, Google+ for Business and Google Analytics 101 are available upon request.

By Stan Gelfer
Google Business partner